Magic Poison - Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Every modern girl searches for DIY or at home remedies that can give them similar results as the expensive stuff. You don't grow that bank account by spending more than you should on pricey beauty products! So in the search for a fix-all product that can be found in your pantry, we stumbled upon the amazing, almost magical, apple cider vinegar (ACV). 

Now we don't pretend to be the first people to report the benefits of apple cider vinegar. However, there are some true statements, and some less true. So here it is! The real benefits of apple cider vinegar - The "Magic Poison". 

First off, drinking the vinegar is the best way to get the most accurate results. And be careful when ingesting! In large doses, acetic acid (in apple cider vinegar) is a poison. 1 to 2 tablespoons added to one glass of water is all it takes. Drink right before eating. 

On to the benefits:

1) Increases the benefits of vitamins in your food

By adding the acid in ACV to your diet, absorption of nutrients as well as B6, folate, calcium, and iron is increased. Be able to reap the full benefits of that delicious smoothie or salad!!

2) Feeling Puffy?? ACV reduces bloating!

Vinegar increases the acidity in the stomach, which allows it to digest the food you've eaten and helps propel it into the small intestine

 3) Endurance - ACV helps your muscles produce more energy 

Drink diluted vinegar before you carb-load the night before competing. Acetic acid can help the muscles turn carbs into energy! Extra fuel for that extra mile!

4) Stay fuller longer

Researchers found that people who consumed vinegar before eating a breakfast of white bread felt more satisfied 90 minutes after eating compared to people who only ate the bread.

5) It deodorizes smelly feet...

This one will come in handy when your man comes back from the gym. Use a paper towel dipped in diluted vinegar. The antibacterial properties of vinegar will kill the stink.

Just some friendly tips from your family here at REV. See you in the saddle soon!

Celebrate In The Saddle!


With the Holidays quickly approaching, parties and celebrations (and food temptations) are at an all-time high! Wish you could get the whole crew together to celebrate without undoing your whole year? REV is here to help! Instead of heading to yet another eggnog fueled, carb intensive, guilt in the morning Holiday party, schedule a private ride with REV!  

At Revolution, we offer private classes for businesses, schools, charities and a variety of other types of events. Book your next Holiday Party, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party or Corporate Event in the saddle! Our expert instructors work with you to create an exciting music play list based on a theme of your choice. Additionally, your private event package allows for use of our space for product placement, décor, and post-ride refreshments! Whether your party is on or off the bike, our studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, breathtaking lighting design, and ample space for your guests. 

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

See ya'll in the Reindeer Saddle soon!!!

Last Minute Magic - Costume Ideas For Halloween 2016

Did you wake up this morning and realize that Halloween will be in full swing this weekend and you have nothing to wear? Us too. Check out REVLife's top 5 Halloween costumes that will surely be conversation starters! 

1) Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - DUH

Usually this would be slightly less predictable, but with the circus that is the 2016 election, we all knew this one was coming. Hey, at least there will be a good "who wore it best"!

Usually this would be slightly less predictable, but with the circus that is the 2016 election, we all knew this one was coming. Hey, at least there will be a good "who wore it best"!

2) Snapchat Filters

This is a really easy, cheap, fun DIY costume that you can pull together in a matter of minutes. And you won't have to spend the whole night explaining what you are. Admit it - we have all played around with those crazy filters.

This is a really easy, cheap, fun DIY costume that you can pull together in a matter of minutes. And you won't have to spend the whole night explaining what you are. Admit it - we have all played around with those crazy filters.

3) Emoji - Any Emoji

Again, this one should be self explanatory to your friends. Also, this doubles as a convo starter - what better way to tell your crush you "heart eyeball" them than with your costume!?

Again, this one should be self explanatory to your friends. Also, this doubles as a convo starter - what better way to tell your crush you "heart eyeball" them than with your costume!?

4) Queen Bey

Everyone wants to be Queen for a day! This costume can easily be recreated with items from your closet. Let's get in formation.

Everyone wants to be Queen for a day! This costume can easily be recreated with items from your closet. Let's get in formation.

5) Dreamworks Trolls

With the new movie being released next week, we are sure this will be a popular choice. Especially if you have a group of girlfriends who procrastinate as much as you do! #squadgoals

With the new movie being released next week, we are sure this will be a popular choice. Especially if you have a group of girlfriends who procrastinate as much as you do! #squadgoals

Have fun and be safe this Halloween REVers! And we will #seeyouinthesaddle next week to work off all those Butterfingers....

Looking Fit For Fall

Even though it is getting cooler out, it is important to keep your workout routine warm. Fall fashion is always something worth getting psyched about. What could be more motivating than new fall workout pieces to get your (cute) butt to the gym!? Check out our top picks below!

Post Workout Coffee Run

Click here for more:

Click here for more:

Bleacher Run

Click here for more:

Click here for more:

Modern Prints For Modern Dance

Click to shop looks:

Click to shop looks:

Namaste In Fall Florals

Click here for more:

Click here for more:

Street Look: Urban Mesh 

Click here to buy:

Click here to buy:

Adding new fun pieces to your wardrobe will spice up your workout routine and keep that body warm (and hot!) this fall. Remember, you only have one body. Take care of it and show it off! Make sure to bring that sizzle to the saddle - See you there! #findyourgreatness

New In REVLife - Motivation Music

The beginning of the week can be tough. Especially if you had a Sunday Funday... Or Monday. In the spirit of getting motivated to crush the week, here are 5 songs that will get you feeling like it's FRIDAY! See you in the saddle!

WTF (Where They From) - Missy Elliot

Takes My Body Higher - Shoffy

Bird Set Free - Sia

Show Me Love (Skrillex Remix) - Hundred Waters

Like I Would (The White Panda Remix) - Zayn

Keep on keeping on! #findyourgreatness

Rev Rider Spotlight - Nicole Williams

Have you ever had that argument in your head when trying to decide whether or not to workout? You make up all types of excuses backing up your decision to not go: Not enough time, you're too tired, that glass of wine needs to be drank before it goes bad.

Not Nicole Williams. As a new Mom to an adorable little boy, Nicole has every excuse in the world not to work out. Trumps all of our excuses. Fitting physical fitness into her busy schedule isn't easy but Nicole seems to have figured it out. She is able to juggle everything thrown her way and still find time for herself. We thought this was a good example of what REV is all about. So we sat Nicole down and asked her to share her motivational mom tips with us! 

REV:  How long have you been a member of Revolution?

NW: I have been a member just about a year now, I started before I even knew I was pregnant.

REV: What drew you to this workout in the first place and how did you hear about it?

NW: I have always enjoyed working out and I was doing a boot camp style workout but the trainer  was no longer going to run it at a time I could go. I was looking for something different that was a total body workout. Also, it was a plus that Rev was basically across the street from my job! I bought my first package through Groupon to try it out. 

REV: Being pregnant and working out can be tricky. How did you stay motivated to continue to safely workout pre and post baby?

NW: I always made working out part of my routine, my goal was to work out at least 4 times a week. When I found out I was pregnant I just kept the same routine. I spoke with my dr and they just suggested that I wear a heart rate monitor and listen to my body. So that was exactly what I did, I purchased a simple heart rate monitor and just kept my same routine. I went to boot camp twice a week and cycle twice a week, occasionally I would do a yoga, swim or run. 

REV: What was the biggest obstacle you encountered pre or post baby when it came to working out?

NW: Before baby it was hard not to get into a negative head space about how slow I had to go. I was so used to how I used to be able to work out and push myself and then even before I got bigger and in first trimester, I had to accept the fact that I was going to be slower and that it was okay. After baby, I'm sill working on! I think the biggest challenge is just being able to find the time and make it a part of your routine. Now I am lucky if I get in two workouts a week. 

REV:  Feeding yourself properly can be a challenge as a new Mom. What is your favorite post workout snack?

NW: I typically work out in the morning so I would say a really good breakfast. I love to have a huge breakfast especially after working out- scrambled eggs with spinach and feta side of fruit. 

REV: Did you ever feel the baby kick to the beat? :)

NW: No I never really felt him kick or move when I was working out. I was told all the movement kind of rocks baby to sleep. After he was first born I had to do a lot of moving and bouncing around to get him to fall asleep! ;) 

REV: Any tips for new moms trying to get their bodies back into shape?

NW: I'm still learning myself, but I would say give yourself time and don't beat yourself up! Give yourself credit for every little thing you do even if it is just going for a walk around the block with the stroller. 

REV: Celebrating every victory even the small ones is definitely important! Have you reached your post baby goals yet? And if not, how do you stay motivated to reach them?

NW: I don't own a scale so I am not exactly sure but I would guess I still have about 10 lbs to go. I judge myself off of being able to fit into my old clothes and I can fit into most of them they just aren't as flattering as they used to be! That is my motivation.

Keep up the positive vibes Nicole! Change comes with commitment and hard work. Staying motivated can be tough but setting reachable goals and eating right will bring big results! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Nicole and we will see you and the rest of the #RevFam will see you in the saddle!

Best Beaches On A Budget

We all need it - A break. A getaway from our stressful, busy lives and hectic schedules. We need to unplug from the never ending, countless stream of emails and text messages and just take a moment to breathe. 

However, planning a vacation can be a stressful process itself, especially if you are on a budget. Below are 3 beaches that you can rock on a budget while feeling like a baller!

1) Longboat Key/ Anna Maria Island, Florida

Florida is famous for it's beaches. All the way from Daytona to Miami to the Keys, there are thousands of gorgeous spots to dip your toe in either the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches of Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island are perfect if you are looking for an affordable, relaxing getaway. Pristine public beaches are an option for day trips (and totally free) or renting a condo on a private beach for longer stays. Check out to see condos for as low as $140 a night!

2) St. John, US Virgin Islands

We know what you're thinking: "What?! This place is where Beyonce and Jay Z vacation! How can I afford that on my much less fierce budget?" Well thanks to places like Concordia Eco-Resort you can enjoy the same stunning views that the more affluent guests enjoy at a fraction of the cost!! Plus, with amenities like solar-heated showers, you are traveling eco-friendly. That is totally something Queen B would approve of!

3) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

While Myrtle Beach might be one of the more frequented beaches on the East Coast, this means great deals in a place that has more than 100 golf courses, 60 miles of sandy shoreline, and amazing nightlife! If the beach bores you, the bar scene and multiple water parks are sure to get you revved up! Check out AirBnB for the best underground deals (minus the tourists - well, less tourists)

Now go show off those rocking beach bods you have been working so hard on without worrying so much about how fat the wallet is! We will see you in the saddle when you return :)

Find Your Greatness Ultimate Top 5

Everyone has that one song that comes on and all of a sudden your mood changes. You go from "zoned out" to "in the zone". You go from half asleep to ready to party. Often times, these songs are discovered when you are hanging out with your girlfriends. But sometimes, they are discovered when you are busting your ass in the midst of a workout. So we compiled a list of top 5 songs that will get that body moving and grooving!

1) Don't Let Me Down Ft. Daya by The Chainsmokers

2) Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya

3) Me Too by Meghan Trainor

4) This Is What You Came For Ft Rihanna by Calvin Harris

5) All In My Head (Flex) Ft Fetty Wap by Fifth Harmony

If these songs don't get you in the mood to find your greatness, we don't know what will. So get dressed, put on your headphones, and head to REV to bust a move and get sweaty! We will see you in the saddle REVers!

REV Rider Spotlight - Jackie McKelvey


Jackie McKelvey is a force to be reckoned with. She is not only smart and driven, but works on her fitness like it's her job. If you have had the pleasure of meeting her in the studio, it is hard to forget her. So we decided to sit her down, ask her a few questions (some relevant, some weird) and try and make her sweat. We failed. Cool, calm, and collected is the name of her game. Read below and you will understand.

REV:  How did you find out about REV?

Jackie: I used to live on Meeting St, so everyday I would pass by Rev and see it bustling with (sweaty) people and great energy. I had never taken a spin class before so I didn’t know what I was missing out on. One day my friend asked if I wanted to come to a spin class with her after work, and when I found out she takes her classes at Rev, I was overly excited to finally try it out. I’ve been spinning at Rev ever since.

REV: How long have you been riding and how many times a week do you attend?

Jackie: I’ve been riding since October 2015. It’s been quite the love affair - I typically spin 5-6 days a week.

REV: That is great! Favorite song that gets you pumped on the bike?

Jackie: There are so many songs that get me amped! It’s a tie between "How I Want Ya" - Dawin Remix by Hudson Thames and  "Drop that Low (When I Dip)" by Tujamo

REV: You mentioned you do lots of sports. What are they and how do they help you have a well balanced lifestyle?

Jackie: Right now, I’m playing bowling, bocce, and softball. I also play in kickball and dodgeball leagues. I’ve been an athlete my entire life, so playing sports/recreational activities keeps me sane. It’s not only a way to stay active throughout the week (aside from spinning), but it’s incredibly social and fun. I get to see friends all the time in the midst of our crazy busy lives.  

REV: What a great way to stay active while still managing to keep your social life alive! If you had to write your workout mantra, what would it be?

Jackie: I live by the words “become the best version of yourself.” My goal is not to be better than any other person, just to be better than the person I was yesterday. When I work out and push myself, it’s because it fulfills and inspires me, and makes me a happier, more positive person.

REV: That is not too far off from "Find Your Greatness" so naturally, we agree! You have a very busy schedule with work and trying to stay fit. How are you able to do it all while and still have time for yourself? Also, how do you make healthy eating choices with all the craziness?

Jackie: I genuinely enjoy how I fill my days up, so at the end of the day, the only “me time” needed is laying in bed watching Netflix and Game of Thrones with my boyfriend. I also don’t work on the weekends aside from the occasional house sitting and babysitting, so after sports/working out, I head to the beach with friends and the BF, shop, run errands and all that jazz. It’s a good life!

Best advice for eating healthy - get yourself a Costco membership, buy in bulk and load your kitchen with healthy options! Eating healthy for me is not a difficult or expensive task - I’m a huge fan of frozen veggies. Steam them, season them, add some chicken or eggs for protein, and you’ve got yourself a cheap & quick, healthy & delicious meal. With that said, I never forget to treat myself once in awhile. My love for ice cream runs pint deep, and I-cannot-will-not change that. I don’t believe in self-deprivation!  

REV: Now THAT is our kind of mantra! And we could not agree more. You work hard and rewarding yourself is important. 

If you were a trainer for a day, what would your themed ride be? 

Jackie: CINCO DE MAYO all day every day. So many of my workout jams are by Spanish artists.

REV: Love it! So many of our readers/riders are self starters. Tell me more about your work at The Harbor Entrepreneur Center?

Jackie: I work at The Harbor Entrepreneur Center, a nonprofit dedicated to growing entrepreneurship and scalable companies in the Charleston region. We have multiple programs and initiatives that focus on helping company founders fine-tune their skillsets and take their business to the next level (an accelerator program from startups, Forum Groups for further stage entrepreneurs, etc.). My actual title at The Harbor is “TOWGID” which is an acronym for “The One Who Gets It Done”. My role is just that. I handle marketing and social media, PR, and the planning & execution of all events and programs. We have a VERY small yet fierce team and have had a ton of growth in just two years, so each day is just as exciting and fast paced as the last. I adore my job, the relationships I’ve built through it, and the impact we’ve made on the Charleston community.

REV: What a great way to help out the community and young companies around town! It sounds like your work helps out those who are hungry enough to fight for what they believe in. Speaking of hungry, what is your favorite pre/post workout snack?

Jackie: Pre - an apple and coffee. An apple naturally enhances your energy and coffee, well, is coffee. It's a necessity. Post workout is always an omelet loaded with greens, sautéed veggies and salsa on top. YUM!

REV: Getting hungry!! Ok, now this may sound weird. But I feel like you are the perfect interviewee to ask this: What is your spirit animal? And why.

Jackie: The dolphin! Dolphins are extremely social, intuitive, playful and friendly creatures - four traits I believe I possess. I grew up wanting to be a marine biologist just so I could swim with dolphins. That obviously didn't work out.

REV: I think it is safe to say you turned out just fine. 

Thanks to Jackie for not only being a trooper in answering all these questions, but for making us all laugh. She is a great personality and great energy around the studio, so next time you see her make sure you say hi. She will surely greet you with a smile :) As always, see you in the saddle!

REV Rider Spotlight - Jeff Gerardi

Every REV rider inspires us to be better, work harder, and to find our greatness everyday. We love every single rider that walks in the door at REV. So when one of them accomplishes something huge, we want to celebrate it. Jeff Gerardi is one of those riders. Jeff recently completed 200 rides! This is not only kickass, but it is extremely inspiring to those around him. To honor this milestone, we decided to feature him in this weeks REV Rider Spotlight.       

REV: What was it that first attracted you to REV?

Jeff: I used to drive by all the time and see it and had no clue what it was. I honestly didn't even know what a spin class was until I looked it up online and thought I would give it a shot. I had taken almost a year off of exercising because I was so bored and I knew I needed to try something new.

REV: How long have you been a member?

Jeff: For two years

REV: If possible, do you remember your most memorable ride? If so, what made it the most memorable?

Jeff: One that sticks out is a Beach/Surf them that Katie had one morning. Kokomo by the Beach Boys came on, which is such a cheesy song, but it was the closest I have ever come to tapping out during a class, it was like 10 turns to the right on the knob and trudging through cement. You don't hear that song much, but whenever I do I think of that.

REV: Haha that is awesome! What is your favorite thing about REV?

Jeff: The people are fantastic and it goes by so quickly. I was running on the treadmill for a while and I could not find an easy way to make the time go by. With these classes, I swear I am always surprised that it is finished when it ends. It goes by in a snap.

REV: What motivated you to achieve 200 rides?

Jeff: I love being a regular. For the most part, the same group of folks are there every Tuesday and Thursday, you almost feel like you need to make a phone call of someone is missing. I feel bad if I dont do 3 classes a week. I had my appendix taken out a few months ago and the first thing I asked the doctor was when can I go back to class.

REV: We know the feeling! What is your favorite song to spin to?

Jeff: I have no idea. I am an elderly spinner, 47 years old, so I have to say weeks go by without me recognizing any music. It's fun to hear new things though. I bet I am the only one up there that uses an IPod still. I'm still waiting to hear some Springsteen.

REV: That is too funny! What is your favorite food to eat before/after a workout?

Jeff: I usually come early so the only thing I have before is a 5 hour energy shot. If I do my 3 classes a week, I have zero problem ordering a Sunday Pizza though.

REV: Good for you! Rewarding yourself is important! If you were an instructor for one day, what would the theme of your ride be?

Jeff: 100%, no question, 80's hair metal. Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt, Guns N Roses, you name it. I already have a ten hour playlist in my head. I think it would clear the room out in 10 minutes though. I would give everyone a lighter for the cool down. Just like the end of every good concert.

REV: LOVE that there was ZERO hesitation with that answer! What is your workout motto?

Jeff: Please don't pass out.

Needless to say, Jeff is a character and a super fun person to interview. Thanks for the laughs and the inspiration Jeff! We can't wait to see you in the saddle (or to call us if we don't show up ;)